Pre-Order Event Images - OR - Videography

Pre-Order Event Images - OR - Videography

I would love it if you'd sign up before the event so I can plan the day as well as be able to offer the following benefits:

For photography:

  • Images available for download from my website (thumb drives mailed to you for an additional $30)
  • You are guaranteed to have your ride(s) photographed. I may catch a little bit of your ride if you don't sign up ahead of time, but I will not guarantee images if you haven't signed up.
  • All the best high resolution (printable) digital files from your rides - usually around 10-15 images per ride
  • Printing release and ability to use the images online for social media websites such as Facebook, as well as your website, or sales websites
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not happy with your images because of the quality of the photography (not because you weren't happy with your ride), you're welcome to refuse the images for a full refund.

For videography:

  • An unedited (or if necessary, a slightly edited) version of as much of your ride as possible. Sometimes it's necessary to miss part of your ride as I have to switch camera cards. I try to purchase the biggest cards I can, and if I have to switch cards, I try to do it during a walk break. However, a lot of discussion happens during a walk break in lessons, and I want to capture that for you as that's a valuable part of your lesson. Videos of lessons tend to be about 30-45 minutes.
  • The ability to download a low resolution version of your video from my Dropbox.com account. If you would like a high resolution version, you will need to purchase a thumb drive with at least a 16GB capacity. If you would like for me to purchase a thumb drive for you, I will need an additional $30 to cover the cost of the drive and Priority Mail shipping. If you do multiple videos with me, it's possible to use the same thumb drive - just make sure you have the previous video(s) safely downloaded somewhere before giving me the drive.

This applies to one horse/rider combo only - you cannot purchase someone else's images or video along with yours. The license you purchase is yours only and not transferable, so no one else is allowed to use them. If you would like more than one horse photographed or videoed, you will need to purchase two "sessions." Please note that payment in advance is required, especially if you'd like a thumb drive mailed to you. Should something happen and you have to cancel or you're video doesn't happen, your money will be refunded. Taxes and travel fees may apply.

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