Classic Equine Portrait Session

There is something about the presence of a horse that speaks of the ethereal. There are many everyday moments we spend with our horses that don't feel like anything larger than what they are: minutes of the day. However, those that spend these minutes with a horse know there is a pervasive power, subtle and intangible, that transcends the mundane, and gives the horse a quality of deity, and the time spent with them a time of worship.

We work together in a space where you can be spontaneous with your horse. I catch you grooming, snuggling, tacking up. I get your naughty horse digging in your pockets for treats, and that face you make when he smushes his wet horse lips on your cheek. These moments are small, and they live in your imagination when you are not with your horse. They are what bind you to your horse, and they are visible in the final image.

A Classic Session lasts an hour and includes up to 20 high resolution digital images downloaded directly from this website. The images are lightly edited, and there is usually a mix of color and black and white, sometimes with some toned images as well. Additional editing or artworking is available for an hourly rate.

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