Classic Pet Portrait Session


My life is surrounded by animals, especially dogs. Their little footprints are always right next to mine, and I can't ever help but greet any animal that crosses my path. We are currently without a dog, as she passed away and we've not been able to replace her. When there is a dog in our house, though, they sleep under the covers. In the middle of the bed. We get the rest. Or don't, as the case may be. Good dog.

Do you have one of those? One of those four-legged, hairy bed hogs that love you no matter what, and who shove their cold noses in your armpit when you're driving? Yeah, you're a sucker too...


They say that dogs have owners, but cats have staff. I'm inclined to believe that. I'm one of those people, too. A cat person. I wake up to the purr alarm, and a small, fuzzy bouquet of four cat toes on my lips. Eeew. I'm herded to the kitchen, and it is demanded that breakfast be served immediately. Then I must place myself on some permanant sitting-down-position object, and endure major, complicated surgery. The kittyonomy. So complicated because the precise feline position is tricky, and crucial. All is then well, and I may remain there until the next meal. 

I bet you also have a story about how your cat tells you where to to go. Welcome to the world of feline service providers.

A Classic Session lasts an hour and includes up to 20 high resolution digital images downloaded directly from this website. The images are lightly edited, and there is usually a mix of color and black and white, sometimes with some toned images as well. Additional editing or artworking is avaialable for an hourly rate.
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